in context of cyber-physical production systems

Our conventional production lines in factories are a twentieth century artifact. They were focussed on mass production of identical products. In today’s world, products are customized to the extent of personalization. Hence, the production process for each individual piece may differ.

Monolithic assembly lines are not the best suited strategy in today’s scenario where products are customized to the extent of personalization.

Such production systems can neither be fully automated, due…


Coming from India, I considered not finishing one’s studies in the prescribed duration a taboo. However, this notion was challenged by the outlook and freedom of work I got during my studies. Initially, I struggled with the idea of not completing my two-year course within the time period, but eventually…

This post is out of sheer reverence for books. Not meaning technical stuff, no office work. Books, books. Read just for leisure.

Of late I could not get time for myself. I was unable to get time to read books. My friend introduced me to audiobooks. I was skeptical about…

So, this is also one of those side-projects which is fun. The project’s accessories include nut-bolts and a few electrical connections. Okay, so this is what it has.

The connections were generally simple. Two of them tricked me in the beginning. One was the orientation of motors attached to rear…


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