Thread (formerly ConverseNow)

Amita S.
1 min readJan 22, 2023


Observations and Realizations?

We at Thread are mitigating language barriers. During the course of our journey so far, we have come to a realization that when it comes to translation and translation-related services the markets, B2B and B2C, behave very differently from each other.

Though the service is the same, the importance of the product for the two types of businesses rely on whether it solves a speech-to-text (STT) or a voice-to-voice (V2V) translations.

After a considerable market search, as a product, the low-hanging fruit for businesses is the text translation which is contrary to the B2C where V2V is the main component.

We, therefore, with Thread realized that with limited resources we need to focus on text translations before we move to voice translations.

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