Two and a half Wheels

Amita S.
2 min readJun 17, 2015

So, this is also one of those side-projects which is fun. The project’s accessories include nut-bolts and a few electrical connections. Okay, so this is what it has.

The connections were generally simple. Two of them tricked me in the beginning. One was the orientation of motors attached to rear wheels. While fitting one needs to keep it in mind. Other was the balancing wheel in front. The trick lies in the fitting on the wheel support. Thanks to the manufacturers, vehicle motion is completely restricted if it is not assembled right. The complete vehicle looks a little more beautiful than I expected. Nevermind. ☺

Starting with electrical connections: It has few connecting wires, resistors, breadboard and batteries. First connection was from battery to breadboard and second between breadboard and wheel. On each wheel, of course. It worked. But the speed was more than required. So, I inserted two resistors in the circuit which decreased the speed.

Then I tried doing some fun things like rotating the vehicle on spot, turning the vehicle and moving it backwards. It was interesting to see how the orientation of balancing wheel played role in deciding direction of vehicle while moving back.

Now, I intend to mount sensors on it. If you have any suggestions, I will be happy to receive them. Will keep you posted. Till then, stay curious.